I’m back?

Well after a long time of being quiet and waiting, I think its about time this site start posting up new content and opinions again. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Gaming Society Inc. is starting up, or maybe its because UMass Dartmouth’s Gaming Society just turned 5 years old and is about to host the largest Legacy tournament ever held at UMass Dartmouth!

No, its none of that. Its because I’m working on my next event, my last event at UMass Dartmouth. Sometime in May, the Last LAN will be my last attempt to host a LAN party at UMass Dartmouth. This will also be a competition for CD South vs. CD West. Games being played, and mini-tournaments will be announced in the coming months. For now, all I can say is, League of Legends will be one of the primary tournaments. AND it will be awesome!


Logging out

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The end is never?

Okay so I haven’t been posting anywhere else but on Facebook and Twitter. Does it mean I have given up on writing on this blog. Well… For the short term yes. As this blog system fails at attracting me to do more work. But then again maybe its the fact that I rather spend time designing a new game or new event than rant on this blog about how an event is failing or kicking my behind.
Still until I can write on a regular basis, this blog is closed until further notice. I’ll be back later, you can count on it

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Gaming Society reload

As new life is coming to UMass Dartmouth, so is new life coming to my and Gaming Society online presence. So for the next few days look for more info about our new steam group, facebook fan page, and website redesign.

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Power Up 2010 over, now what?!

After 4 months of planning and work, Gaming Society’s Power Up board put on one hell of a show, that proudly earns a former VP’s approval. So far the numbers look like we raised about $500 for the event, which is pretty good when you consider the fact that the rest of MA was in a typical “can’t see 5ft in front of me” which greatly impacted our “off-campus” presence. All in all, this event was a great attempt to push Gaming Society to a new height and I thank everyone that was apart of it.

That being said, what does this mean for me? Well as a multi-platform hardcore gamer, we have choices. You can go to amazon and pick up Dante’s Inferno for about $50, buy Modern Warfare 2 used for $40,  or you play something new. The latest and greatest from Gas Powered Games, SupCom 2 is out and is receiving mixed reviews from the community. (I’m still buying it for my LAN parties) Or you could get DICE’s new Battlefield Bad Company 2, which begs me to ask, “Excuse me, there’s a single player game in my multiplayer only game.” But rumor has it that the single player is good.

I feel like I’m forgetting something.

Oh, yeah. FFXIII comes out on March 9th. Some people go to Florida for vacation, me? I’m hitting up my couch and my Xbox 360 and playing up the heck out of this game. But before that I need to finally beat FFXII.

This is [Fatalhawk] logging out.

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The picture sums it up

Well Fatalhawk97.wordpress.com is now the home of the rejected work and ideas created for Gaming Society. Don’t expect any more posts, at least until after Power Up 2010. But thats okay, only my close friends read this.

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Me in 2009. Yeah new year resolutions

So I seem to simply fail at any sense of organization or keeping things together for my own blog. Does this mean the end of this? Maybe, but I have rarely given up on a project that had some value to my life.

At this time in my life, I’m going to use this blog to post my ideas and personal life updates. That includes my work for Gaming Society, and maybe some of other projects. Right now, I have come to the conclusion that my goals have been too wide. I need more focus in my life. However, this past semester, I wanted to attempt to follow others and learn from their leadership. And I believe that goal was a dumb one to have.

My goal for next semester isn’t to survive by watching, rather, to survive by being me, redefining who I am and what I am capable of. OH and not getting sick for like 6 weeks of the semester.

The sky is the limit, and my home

Fatal hawk logging out

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2009- Gaming Moments

This year, although it only has one more solid month of gaming left, has been an interesting one for gaming. For the first time ever, Valve releases a game exactly one year after it released the last one (L4D2), a warcraft III mod (Defense of the Ancients) spawns Heroes of Newearth and League of Legends, Gearbox releases its 2nd 100% original game (Borderlands), Flagship studios becomes Runic Games which releases GASP, another dungeon crawl Diablo II like game (yeah Torchlight), EPIC pwned XBLA with Shadow Complex, Mario gets a new shiny game in a red box, and some 17 year old kid still pwns my face only now with knife to my face in Modern Warfare 2. OH and I almost forgot, there are Zombies on my lawn (plants vs. Zombies).

So what does this all mean? Well it is the opinion of this gamer, that the year of 2009 was one heck of a year for gaming. If you read the top part, and haven’t heard of one of the games I mentioned, do yourself a favor and check each and every one of those games out. But if I had to pick a game of the year, all I have to do is look at what I play most, and that is Heroes of Newearth.

Seeing how the NDA is somewhat down, and anyone who wants to get into the beta can now for $30, I guess I can talk about it a little bit. Without saying to much, basically the game is Defense of the Ancients: All-stars, only with a much improved graphics engine, dedicated server support, statistical support, and a lot more. However, I gotta say, if this game could use anything, it wouldn’t be something that the developer could make, because the main problem in HON, is its playerbase. Gone are the players who actually care, and want to help out their fellow pub teammates. Now all we have are jerks that immediately go off on someone if they died early to gank, and simply expell negative energy. However, the developer has added nifty features, like having their announcer say, “RAGE QUIT”, when a person disconnects from the gamer immediately following their characters death. Although there is more to it, until the game is released, I’m afraid that is the most I can talk about it.

Still if your looks for players to play, the name is Fatalhawk97, member of Keepers of the Groove. Here to stay and fight until I get kicked out by a bunch of real pros.

Till next week, when I sit down a write about Shadow Complex, the game of the Summer, that you missed out on.


Logging out

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